Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Hello again!

Two posts is one week?!  I must be crazy!  Anyway I've got a "list" of things I want to talk about so I may as well start ticking them off the list while I have the time...well I don't really have the time, but I'm making it.  Plus blogging sounds way more appealing than homework right now...

Anyway I wanted to talk about!  Have you guys heard of it?  I signed up for it last year sometime thinking "oh how bad can this be? cute shoes for $39.95 a pair...that's basically a steal."  So I signed up, answered my little "style profile" questions, and waited the 24 hours for my special selection of shoes picked out just for me by celebrity stylists!

Sound fancy right?

That's what I thought!  So basically every month now they send a selection of like 5-7 pairs of shoes that I might like and I can choose to purchase them or not!  The recently just changed their rules too!  It used to be that you got charged a monthly fee regardless of if you actually picked out a pair of shoes, you still got a "credit" for shoes that you could use later, but unless you "skipped" before the 5th of each month you got charged whether you purchased or not.  It was kind of silly and believe you me I had those days marked on my calendar so I could pass without spending money when I didn't really want to!  However NOW they have changed the rules!!  It's awesome!  You can now choose when you want to buy without the silly monthly fee!!  No more remembering to "pass" so you don't get charged!  Those days are gone!  So if you haven't signed up because of the silly fees, go check it out!  It's SO much better now.

I myself have purchased 2 pairs of shoes from shoedazzle, and I've loved them both! The first pair I ordered was an ULTRA high, super sexy, wedge booties (I'll try to ad in a picture later).  There were similar to a pair a friend of mine had gotten at Aldo, so for $39.95 I couldn't pass them up.  Unfortunately I did order about 1/2 size too small, so I can really only wear them when I wear tights or something...I should have sent them back but I was too lazy! I will say though because I'm and APO/FPO address currently I can't take advantage of the free return labels that they do provide you!  Which is nice in the case that you do need to exchange sizes or return them you always have that option.  Awesome.

The second pair I got recently and I absolutely die for them. They are SO cute.  They are a bright orange wedge, peep toe sandal with a velvety finish and the CUTEST chevron stripes on the wedge.  A total statement shoe.  They fit perfect and are just SO cute.  I cannot wait to wear them this summer!  The fit on these is perfect, and it definitely pays to read the reviews to see how others find that they run, comfort, etc.  I love these and have nothing bad to say about them except for that I want to wear them with everything. 

I will say that overall my experience with the site has been really good.  They do tend to send out an email every day with different styles, trends and what not.  It doesn't bother me since I'm kind of a shoe whore and I love seeing what is new!  Once you sign up you can also find you friends from Facebook and shop their show rooms too!!  I also like that they ship pretty quickly too,  I got both my pairs in about a week and a half, which for me was FAST living where I do.  If you are in the states they will probably get to you a lot quicker.  If you are a shoe lover like me definitely check them out!  Their is seriously something for everyone, from super high heels, platform sandals, wedges, and flats they have got all the bases covered;  not to mention they also have cute bags and accessories if shoes aren't necessarily your thing!  So head on over to their website here and sign up!!

Anyway until next time shoe lovers!



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