Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Steve Madden Wiicked Shoes

SO I thought I'd give a quick little update! You know "THE Shoes" I've been wanting for the last FOREVER! Well I finally ordered them today!! I had a horrible week last week so what better way to reward myself for getting through it!? I'm SO excited for these bad boys I can hardly contain myself!! Even though I've posted a picture of these before... but here it is again! *sigh* I love them!

If any of you other shoe lovers/leopard print loves are interested in getting these I definitely recommend purchasing them HERE at from Amazon.com They were significantly more on the Steve Madden website! Not only did I save myself almost $50...but I also go free shipping!! No complaints there! Anyway once they come in I'll update on the comfort/quality and all the fun stuff, however I'm hopefully that they will be amazing after all the reviews I read plus I've always adored all of my Steve Madden shoes!

So until next time my lovelies!



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