Monday, 29 August 2011

2011 vma's

So I really wasn't TOO impressed with the VMA's this year, but none the less I watched them. Because I do every year....what can I say I like the performances and I like to see the hideous and crazy things that the stars are this outfit Nikki Minaj wore. It's interesting to say the least...

Nikki Minaj 2011 VMA's

Or this strange getup that Lady Gaga had going on...her "alter ego" Joe Calderone...I know she is a little weird and eccentric but this one really SO weird to me...

However the night was not without it's highlights, and as a music lover I did I have my favorite performances...such as Bruno Mar's performance of Valerie by Amy Winehouse(one of my favorite Winehouse songs). This was an awesome tribute song, and he did such a great job. I LOVE Amy Winehouse. I'm sad she's gone, such a waste of a beautiful talent.

Bruno Mars 2011 VMA's

Bust I must say that my favorite performance of the night was none other than Beyonce's performance of Love on Top. Man can this girl perform. I think that she is such a talented performer and her performance of the single was nothing short of amazing. Her vocals were killer!! Not to mention I just thought it was sweet that she announced her pregnancy at the end of her performance by unbuttoning her jacket and rubbing her cute little baby bump! Now I know that there are TONS of pregnant women out there (and congratulations to any of you reading!!) but I just thought it was a sweet gesture after singing her heart out about love. Because if you're happy and in love why not sing your heart out and acknowledge the beautiful love growing inside of you!? Anyway...if any of you missed it seriously check it out HERE. It was very touching...made me tear up a little!!

Oh and PS--props to Kanye for not being a giant a-hole this year. You do have manners. Way to go.

Anyway until next time my lovelies...



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